Erwin x Levi 

The Attack on Titan couples best friends!

Erwin x Levi are two of the main characters in the manga series, Attack on Titan. Both characters are members of the Survey Corps, a branch of the military in Attack on Titan responsible for exploring outside the safety of Wall Maria, an enormous, 3-mile high wall that protects humanity from the Titans.

Erwin Attack


(Erwin Smith)

Erwin Smith is the 13th Commander of the Scout Army, and is the first to be selected for this position while the duty officer is still alive and in charge. Wise, intelligent and respected by many, Erwin is a talented and exemplary team leader. Although he cares deeply for his people, he does not give birth to them for the sake of humanity and prosperity, and his soldiers are also willing to put their lives in the Erwin command.

  • Full name: Erwin Smith

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: October 14th

    Height: 188cm 

    Weight: 92kg 

    Occupation: Soldier

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Rank: Commander


    • Unnamed father (deceased)
Levi Attack


(Levi Ackermant)

  • Levi Ackerman, politely known as Captain Levi, is the captain of the Special Forces Team, of the Reconnaissance Corps. He is widely known as “The Strongest Soldier in humanity”. Levi is from Underground City, the son of Kuchel Ackerman with a client while working in a brothel. After his mother died of illness, he met Kenny – Kuchel’s brother – and since then lived with him, taught by him how to survive underground.

  • Full name: Levi Ackermant

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: December 25th

    Age: 30

    Height: 160cm 

    Weight: 65kg 

    Occupation: Soldier

    Rank: Squad Captain

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Grade: A++


    • Kuchel Ackerman(mother, deceased)
    • Kenny Ackerman (uncle, deceased)
    • Unnamed great grandfather (deceased)
    • Mikasa Ackerman (relative)
    • Mr. Ackerman (relative, deceased)

How did Erwin x Levi meet in Attack on Titan?

Erwin Smith is the Commander of the Survey Corps and the creator of the … After the trial Erwin and some of his officers meet with Eren privately. … Hange and Levi’s squads to engage the Armored Titan, and orders Levi to attack the Beast …In “A Choice with No Regrets”, Levi once intended to kill Erwin in order to gain citizenship on the surface. However, Levi then chose to follow Erwin and work with him in the service of humanity.

What is the Erwin x Levi relationship in Attack on Titan?

Erwin is one of the few people who can maintain a normal conversation with Levi, which allows them to chat with each other on an equal basis. Then, they become best friends.

Who is Levi’s best friend in Attack on Titan?

Erwin. The story is a prequel to Attack on Titan, and follows Levi during his days as a criminal in the underground city, when he was with his two best friends Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church before Erwin Smith recruits him into the Survey Corps.

Is Levi in love with Erwin in Attack on Titan?

No, Erwin x Levi  are best friends.

Is Erwin stronger than Levi in Attack on Titan?

Yes, As a matter of fact, Erwin Smith is much stronger than Levi Ackerman.

Is Erwin Dead in Attack on Titan?

Yes, he dead.

Does Levi hate Erwin in Attack on Titan?

Not yes, His Friendship With Levi Wasn’t Always So Strong.

Why did Erwin stop Levi in Attack on Titan?

It was Levi’s selfish choice to let Erwin die a human and not a demon as Floch calls him. … He was almost free from the hell they were living in, and dragging him back would be too cruel for someone Levi cares deeply about. So Levi let Erwin rest.

What did Erwin say to Levi in Attack on Titan?

Erwin opened his eyes , pushed his hand and whispered something about his dream as a kid , thanked levi and then passed away. Erwin whispered something to levi before dying , Levi looked at him in disbelief “ERWIN?” like “GONNA GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM?” but Erwin simply thanked him and died peacefully.