Mikasa x Sasha

The Attack on Titan couples a romantic relationship!

Mikasa x Sasha are the supporting characters in the anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and are both members of the Survey Corps, the military arm of the Walls.

Mikasa Attack on Titan


(Mikasa Ackerman)

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the two main protagonists of the Attack on Titan, with Armin Arlert. She is the adopted daughter of Grisha and Carla Yeager and the adopted sister of Eren Yeager. After her parents were murdered by traffickers, Mikasa was rescued by Eren. Then she went to live with Eren and his parents for about a year before the castle of Maria fell. Mikasa is also the last descendant of the Shogun clan on Paradis Island, so having ties to the Azumabito family, and holds important political power in Hizuru.

  • Full name: Mikasa Ackerman

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: February

    Age: 15

    Height: 170cm 

    Weight: 68kg 

    Occupation: Soldier

    Rank: Officer

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Grad rank: 1st

    Grade: A+


    • Mr. Ackerman (father, deceased)
    • Levi Ackerman (relative)
    • Grandfather Ackerman (relative, deceased)
    • Kenny Ackerman (relative, deceased)
    • Kuchel Ackerman (relative, deceased)
    • Unnamed mother (deceased)
    • Kiyomi Azumabito (relative)
    • Grisha Yeager (adoptive father, deceased)[3]
    • Carla Yeager (adoptive mother, deceased)
    • Eren Yeager (adoptive brother)
Sasha Attack on Titan


(Sasha Blouse)

  • Sasha Braus (or Sasha Blouse) is a member company of the Scout Army and is one of the few alumni of the 104 training course, in which she has ranked 9th out of 10 best people, has been determined. join the legion when sympathetic to Eren’s desire to destroy Titan. As a regular archivist with excessive talk, Sasha comes from Dauper, a village located in the territory of Southern Rose.

  • Full name: Sasha Blouse

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: July 26th

    Height: 168cm 

    Weight: 55kg 

    Occupation: Soldier

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Grad rank: 9th

    Grade: B+


    • Mr. Blouse (father)
    • Lisa Blouse (mother)
    • Kaya (adopted sister)

How did Mikasa x Sasha  meet in Attack on Titan?

Mikasa x Sasha  met at 104th Training Corps arc. Sasha Blouse was a member of the Survey Corps, ranking 9th among the 104th Training Corps. … But…she enjoyed my food more than anyone I’d met before. … Mikasa Ackerman claims that the commotion was caused by Sasha passing gas.

What is the Mikasa x Sasha relationship in Attack on Titan?

Although the two have different personalities, it is still a glimpse of Mikasa’s charisma and sympathy. Mikasa x Sasha  are very close because they both have been roommates since their teenage years. Although Sasha was asleep, Mikasa didn’t mind. The two were joking and close enough for Mikasa to consider her one of her best friends aside from Eren and Armin.

Will Mikasa become a Titan in Attack on Titan?

No, She won’t.

What is Mikasa’s race in Attack on Titan?

Mikasa was born to an Asian mother, and her father was a member of the Ackerman clan.

Is Sasha really dead Attack on Titan?

Yes, she is. Gabi Braun, one of the Marleyan Warrior candidates, sneaks aboard the Survey Corps’ retreating airship and opens fire with a rifle, immediately shooting Sasha. … Jean’s reaction to Sasha’s death is entirely appropriate. In the scene before Sasha’s death, she shares a heartwarming moment with Jean and Conny.

Who killed Sasha in Attack on Titan?

Bursting onto the ship, Gabi fires at the first foe she sees. The bullet hits Sasha Blouse square in the stomach. One of the original Attack on Titan gang, Sasha found fame and popularity as “potato girl” and was beloved by fans throughout every season.

Who is Mikasa’s boyfriend?

That’ Eren.

Is Sasha blouse alive in Attack on Titan?

Despite her newfound cold professionalism in the field, Sasha still appeared to be incapable of killing civilians and especially children, exemplified when she had Gabi Braun in her sights yet could not take the shot, resulting in her death at Gabi’s hands.

How does Gabi kill Sasha in Attack on Titan?

However, Gabi was able to shoot down the rear guard of the blimp, a man called Lobov, and used his ODM gear to get onto the airship. Gabi, who still somehow manages to have a rifle, shoots into the crowd of Scouts, killing Sasha.