Hinata and Kageyama

Haikyuu Couple share a love-hate relationship!

Hinata Shouyou, a middle school student with a huge dream of becoming a volleyball player despite having played volleyball only once in his life, meets Kageyama Tobio, the best volleyball player in middle school. Hinata x Kageyama are one of the most popular Haikyuu couples, especially Hinata x Kageyama relationship is one of the most popular and cute in anime fandom. Let’s learn more about Hinata x Kageyama by writing an article about Hinata x Kageyama couple in Haikyuu anime.

hinata haikyuu

(Shouyou Hinata)

Hinata Shouyou – a 1st year student from the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club. Hinata is the power hitter of the volleyball team. Despite his short stature and lack of experience, he has great determination and passion for the sport. Hinata’s dream is to defeat the “King of the Court”, Kageyama Tobio, in the sport that they both love and Hinata’s dream is to become the ace.

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: June 21, 1996
  • Age: 16 (2012)
  • Height: 162.8cm (Apr 2012)
  • Weight: 51.9kg (Apr 2012)
  • Occupation: High School Student (1st Year, Class 1) – 2012
  • Home Town: Miyagi Prefecture
  • Home Country: Japan

Likes: Volleyball, Tamago Kake Gohan, Meat Buns

Family: Unname mother, Natsu Hinata (sister)

Goal: To become a player like the Small Giant, To become Karasuno’s AceWork hard to grow taller


Kageyama Haikyuu

(Tobio Kageyama)

  • Tobio Kageyama – a 1st year student from the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club and one of the main protagonists of Haikyuu Anime. Kageyama has lost the person who inspired the fire of passion for human shadow, a post-maker. Everything about volleyball that Kageyama has learned, he has no shadow at that time. Disorientation, negative listening, but Kageyama has become a dictator, impatient, impatient with new comrades. Become trying to accept, not listening to the opinion of the user and only interested in winning other work. He holds two media positions and the other on number 9 shirt.
  • Full name: Tobio Kageyama
    Gender: Male
    Sex: Male
    Status: Alive
    Date of birth: December 22, 1996
    Age: 16 (2012)
    Height: 180.6cm (Apr 2012)
    Weight: 66.3kg (Apr 2012)
    Occupation: High School Student (1st Year, Class 3) – 2012
    Home Town: Miyagi Prefecture
    Home Country Japan
    Miwa Kageyama (Older Sister)
    Kazuyo Kageyama (Grandfather)
    Unnamed Parents
    To Become a setter that’s the team’s control tower
    To Become able to think and toss the ball in a way so that it won’t get blocked

How did Hinata x Kageyama meet in Haikyuu Anime? 

When secondary School, the first time Hinata stood on the Volleyball field, was also the time his team lost miserably to Team Kageyama. Since then, he has seen Kageyama as an enemy that he must defeat, to wash away the feud.

Curiously, Hinata and Kageyama went to the same Karasuno High School. Will Kageyama become Hinata’s comrade? It is unbelievable, not to mention the opposite personality. Kageyama is difficult, grumpy and not good at communication, while Hinata is easygoing, relaxed, and energetic. The two always go together, compete with each other, definitely not give in, compete with each other.

What is the Hinata x Kageyama couple relationship? 

At first, also quarreled and after a while it was resolved. Currently, they are known to everyone as Karasuno’s “monstrous couple”. A genius hand combined with an unknown without any technical skills. The Hinata is only resilient and always strives. Hinata’s words and actions touched Kageyama’s heart. They are always routine and accelerate the process. From the inter-school tournament to the Spring Split, they beat many different competitors, keeping a lot of experiences and memories together.

Are Hinata and Kageyama a real couple?

NO. The two had spent a long time together, so long that Hinata sometimes thought her black-haired guy would never dare say it, to get there.
Kageyama no matter how many times he thinks about it, he still finds that the time is too short for the sentence “I like you”.
Kageyama and Hinata’s love is wonderful. They all have a passion for volleyball. They dated on the football field, and the private space came home from school late in the afternoon. Hinata will lead her bike and Kageyama will follow slowly. They love each other. Kissing is a perfect way to show romantic feelings, without having to say it out loud. Kageyama kissed Hinata’s lips and cheek. Haikyuu Gay Ships..

Are Hinata and Kageyama dating?

YES. Hinata x Kageyama are one of the most popular anime couples, they dated.

Do Hinata x Kageyama kiss in Haikyuu?

Yes. they do kiss each other, Sleep together and do everythings.

What episode does Hinata kiss Kageyama in Haikyuu?

In season 1 episode 25 during their break, coach Ukai yelled “Break time’s over Lovebirds” towards the two.  In a deodorant ad, their respective deodorant bottles that represented Kageyama(blue bottle) and Hinata(orange bottle) appeared to have kissed and exchanged caps.

What happens to Hinata x Kageyama in Haikyuu?

When Kageyama and Hinata first met, Hinata losed badly to Kageyama but vows to one day beat him. Since then, he sees Kageyama as an enemy he must defeat, in order to wash away the feud. Although they end up being teammates at Karasuno, the two never stopped competing against each other – whether it be in playing skills or in running races.

Does Kageyama leave Karasuno in Haikyuu anime?

Not yes. The final chapter of the series gives us one final, significant update to not only our main characters Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama, but the rest of Karasuno High School’s volleyball club as well.