Yahaba x Kyoutani

Haikyuu couples one of the cutest pairings in a relationship!!

Do you want to find out more about Yahaba x Kyoutani in Haikyuu?? “Yahaba x Kyoutani in Haikyuu” is an article that will tell you more details about Yahaba and Kyoutani in Haikyuu, let’s have a look at it!

Yahaba Haikyuu


(Shigeru Yahaba)

Shigeru Yahaba – 2nd year student. He holds two positions (Setter). Shigeru Yahaba is a character who likes to show off. Yahaba disliked Kyōtani, because even though he no longer practiced, he was still chosen to play officially. He was the only one on the team to reprimand Kyōtani in the face for being a risky, beneficial and damaging request for the 3rd year members’ last chance to progress to the National Championship. Yahaba wears the number 5 for regular games and number 6 in the Spring Split.

  • Full name: Shigeru Yahaba

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: March 1, 1996

    Age: 16 (2012)

    Height: 181.9cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 69kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (2nd Year, Class 5) – 2012

    Home Town: Miyagi Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan


    • Ikura don


    • Unnamed Older Brother 
    • Unnamed Younger Brother
Anime Couples - Kentaro Kyotani

(Tobio Kageyama)

  • Kentarō Kyōtani – 2nd year student. He holds a Wing Spiker and is nicknamed “mad dog”, given by Oikawa, is a pun on the first part of his name and is meant to describe his unpredictable behavior. He was described by coach Ukai as a double-edged sword because despite his strong hits, jumps and speed, his playstyle is too reckless to always hit the ball with 100% of his strength without any effort. Check to see if you are blocked first. He has an aggressive disposition and rarely speaks to his teammates, frequently rushes into them and becomes angry at being used as a trigger, even when it succeeds.

  • Full name: Kentarō Kyōtani

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: December 7, 1995

    Age: 17 (2012)

    Height: 178.8cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 70.8kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (2nd Year, Class 1) – 2012

    Home Town: Miyagi Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan


    • Volleyball 
    • Hamima Chicken


    • Unnamed Older Sister

How did Yahaba x Kyoutani meet in Haikyuu Anime?

Yahaba x Kyoutani begin with a hostile relationship. Yahaba immediately shouted at him as he entered the gym. Yahaba disrespects the disrespectful Kyoutani of their seniors and he is many times out of respect or disrespect for his actions.

What is the Yahaba x Kyoutani couple relationship in Haikyuu Anime?

Yahaba x Kyoutani are a fairly rare pair, but there are a considerable number. Yahaba x Kyoutani are teammates/captain and ace.

What is Mad dog’s real name Haikyuu?

That’s Kyoutani Kentarou.

What position is Yahaba in Haikyuu Anime?

Yahaba is a setter.

Is Yahaba a first year in Haikyuu Anime?

No. Yahaba is a second-year.

How tall is Kyoutani in Haikyuu Anime?

Kyoutani’s tall is 178.8cm.

Are Yahaba x Kyoutani friends in Haikyuu Anime?

Yes, Yahaba x Kyoutani are.