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bakugo katsuki My Hero Academia


(Bakugou Katsuki)

Katsuki is Izuku’s childhood friend and also in the same class as Izuku in class 1-A, U.A Academy, whom Izuku calls Kacchan. He possesses Blasting powers, his sweat has properties similar to nitroglycerin and he can detonate them at will. Due to having a strong superpower since childhood, Katsuki becomes a violent and extremely arrogant child, often bullying Izuku for always feeling that Izuku despises her. Despite being commented on by many that he acts like a criminal, Katsuki has always had a desire to become a hero as strong as All Might. Katsuki is very intelligent and talented, he has always been praised by many professional heroes for his skills and abilities, even considered by many to be a natural genius. Katsuki is desperate to win because he admires All Might’s winning stance whenever he defeats criminals. Because of that, he always set his goal of winning and becoming number one, his desire to win so great that he went against the Criminal League himself when they were taken by them to recruit him. . Later, upon realizing that Izuku was progressively improving, he correctly deduced the existence of One For All and promised to keep it a secret. Katsuki eventually opened up to Izuku and declared that she would surpass him.

  • Full name: Bakugou Katsuki

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Kacchan

    Date of birth: April 20th

    Age: 16

    Height: 172cm 

    Blood group: A

    Hair color: Ash blond

    Eye color: Red

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Near Shizuoka Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan


    • Masaru Bakugou (Father)
    • Mitsuki Bakugou (Mother)


    • To surpass All Might, and become the No. 1 top ranked Pro Hero
    • Surpass Izuku, and rise higher than him
    • Defeat the League of Villians (all ongoing)
Uraraka ochaco My Hero Acasemia


(Uraraka Ochaco)

  • Ochako is Izuku’s best friend. Her ability is Zero Gravity, giving her the ability to float any target she touches. Similar to Katsuki, she also often calls Izuku “Deku”. However, unlike Katsuki, she argues that “Deku” feels like never giving up, and eventually switches to calling Deku-kun, a motivator for Izuku to accept. the name. Coming from a middle-class construction company family, Ochako wants to be a hero to ensure her parents a prosperous life, despite her father’s efforts to find children. own way. However, Ochako later realized that she wanted to protect everyone and was always trying to be a hero to be able to do that.

  • Full name: Uraraka Ochaco

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Uravity

    Date of birth: December 27th

    Age: 15

    Height: 150cm 

    Blood group: B

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color: Brown

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Mie

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Gunhead Martial Arts
    • Melee combat

How did Bakugou x Uraraka meet in My Hero Academia?

During bizarre tests, Uraraka threw the ball at the recorded infinity distance thanks to her Gravity Gravity. Bakugou reacted in surprise to this, as seen in the class reaction. Fans have speculated that this was the reason Bakugou remembered her oddity at the time of the Sports Festival, even after saying he didn’t care about your oddity. classmates.

What is the Bakugou x Uraraka relationship in My Hero Academia?

Bakugou x Uraraka were the second most written ship for Uraraka and the fourth most written ship for the Bakugou. It is the seventh most written ship in the ship on the My Hero Academia tag. Bakugou x Uraraka are friend.

Does Bakugo have a love interest in My Hero Academia?

No. Bakugou doesn’t need a love interest. … None of these characters need a love interest. I appreciate the companionship among the class 1-a students and how they use it to push each other and work together. Romance doesn’t fit into the equation, which is why there’s very little romance in Boku no Hero Academia.

Who will Uraraka end up with in My Hero Academia?

This is the most obvious ship in the whole series, and while fans don’t seem to be behind it generally because it’s so likely, it does make sense for the characters. Izuku Midoriya, also known by his hero name, Deku, is the obvious choice for Uraraka to end up with.

Why is Uraraka hated in My Hero Academia?

Uraraka is a very happy and optimistic person, She likes to follow Deku around and talk to him and Iida. … Uraraka has a crush on Deku, Now a lot of this fandom ships Bakudeku or Tododeku, and they see her as a problem, this is exactly the reason that is most common to hate Uraraka, But I personally love her!

Does Uraraka die in My Hero Academia?

No. Although she hasn’t been focused on much yet, Ochaco will soon take the stage in the upcoming arcs and show us what she’s truly capable of. … Therefore, her death isn’t likely to come anytime soon.

Is Uraraka a bad character in My Hero Academia?

She doesn’t have much meaningful character development to her. She has such an unnecessary amount of sway over the show, she’s able to make Deku like his hero name… … Uraraka is a bad character that could dive head first into the sun and come out unscathed if it somehow pushed Deku closer to her.

Does Bakugo go deaf in My Hero Academia?

And so Bakugou hasn’t lost his hearing. No, the sound is produced by the pressure being *released*. If the sound is loud enough it becomes a shock wave. This was explained before; he cannot do so.

Does Bakugo respect Uraraka in My Hero Academia?

Why I Like it: I will say this for Kacchako: Bakugo respects Uraraka in a way he hasn’t respected anyone else in class so far. While he has a subconscious respect for Deku, his respect for her is just so out there and honest. He thinks she’s cool, because she went all out.