Izuku x Momo 

The My Hero Academia couples Classmate friendship relationship!

First off, let’s talk about Izuku Midoriya and Momo Yaoyorozu. They are the main characters in My Hero Academia and are the Dormitory Leaders of Class 1-A. Their association with each other goes a long way; they have known each other since their childhood. Want to know if Izuku x Momo will happen?  Izuku x Momo shipping is gaining a lot of popularity.  So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Izuku x Momo.

izuku midoriya my Hero Academia


(Midoriya Izuku)

Izuku is a shy but kind boy who is very knowledgeable about heroes and has a dream of being a hero just like his idol, All Might. Although one of the 20% of the population born with no superpowers, until he meets his idol hero while trying to save Katsuki from a crime, Izuku is chosen by All Might to become becomes the ninth heir to One For All a power-boosting ability passed down through generations, with existence kept secret from the public to prevent chaos. After training his body to receive One For All (he was credited as “super powerful” thanks to a flaw in U.A’s registration system to keep One For All a secret). He has managed to use One For All more and more perfectly. He also began to develop a mental connection with former One For All users through his powers. Izuku compensates for One For All’s limitations with his intellect (he has written at least 13 volumes based on other heroes, including his friends) and an instinct to save lives. At first he hated the name Deku, but after hearing Ochako say that his nickname sounds a lot like dekiru, Izuku finally chose it as the meaning of this nickname and took it as his hero’s name.

  • Full name: Midoriya Izuku

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Deku

    Date of birth: July 15th

    Age: 16 

    Height: 166cm 

    Blood group: O

    Hair color: Green

    Eye color: Green

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Shizuoka

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Long-range combat


    • Midoriya Inko (Mother)
    • Midoriya Hisashi (Dad)
Yaoyorozu Momo My Hero Academia


(Momo Yaoyorozu)

  • Momo Yaoyorozu –  Class 1-A’s assistant class. Possessing the Creative powers, she has the ability to create any non-living body from the fat in her body, as long as its molecular composition is known. She can create it instantly and also has to refuel by eating large amounts of food to create more objects. As one of the four students recommended to U.A Academy, Momo possesses intelligence and excellent moderation.

  • Full name: Momo Yaoyorozu

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: September 23th

    Age: 16

    Height: 173cm 

    Blood group: A

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Black

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Aichi Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Support combat


    • Unnamed mother
    • Unnamed father


    • Become a Pro Hero

How did Izuku x Momo meet in My Hero Academia?

When Momo and Kyoka meet up with their group, Kyoka was seen hiding behind … In My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising, When Nine invaded Nabu Island on the … Momo and Izuku are classmates of Class 1-A and were both voted as the

What is the Izuku x Momo relationship in My Hero Academia?

Momo and Izuku. Momo and Izuku are classmates of Class 1-A and were both voted as the Class reps, however, their partnership does not last long due to him stepping down for Tenya. Momo does not seem to have a bad view of Izuku though she does count him out in the race in Vs.

Who does Momo end up with my hero academia?

Momo and Kyoka are best friends. Along with Denki Kaminari, the two battle against the League of Villains at the U.S.J. proving that they work well together. Kyoka later asks Momo to tutor her for the end of term test, and she happily accepted.

Who is Momo Yaoyorozu dating in My Hero Academia?

Shoto Tordoroki – Shoto Tordoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu are an adorable couple in My Hero Academia that a lot of fans want to see end up together after a few very cute moments the pair have shared on screen.

Who is DEKU’s love interest in My Hero Academia?

Uraraka – Uraraka is a extremely nice and caring person and was even willing to give up going to Yuuei so Izuku could go since she wanted to pay him back for saving her. She has shown to be easily embarrassed especially when some asks about her love life and is usually seen smiling since she is almost always happy.

WHO recommended Momo Yaoyorozu in My Hero Academia?

Like, the manga has clarified exactly who the four were. For those not caught up, it’s Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu for 1A. For 1B it’s Juzo Honenuki and Setsuna Tokage.

Does Momo like Shoto in My Hero Academia?

Canon. Although their interactions are minimal, Momo and Shoto are friendly with one another. … On his part, Shoto has a deep respect for Momo’s observational skills, and natural leadership, even having voted for her during the Class President election, as he thought that she excelled at the role of being a leader.

Who is Momo Yaoyorozu best friend in My Hero Academia?

Kyoka Jiro – Momo and Kyoka are best friends. Along with Denki Kaminari, the two battle against the League of Villains at the U.S.J. proving that they work well together.

What is Momo Yaoyorozu IQ in My Hero Academia?

Momo Yaoyorozu is an incredibly bright character. Actually, that’s the understatement of the year. Momo is actually one of the smartest characters in the series. According to Momo’s stats (which are included in the Official Character Book), Momo has a 6 out of 5 in intelligence.