Izuku x Tsuyu

The My Hero Academia couples friend relationship!

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, then you really need to know about Izuku x Tsuyu Moments. Izuku x Tsuyu is a great ship. In the series, there are many Izuku x Tsuyu moments, and I’ll list some of them in this article. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to read!

izuku midoriya my Hero Academia


(Midoriya Izuku)

Izuku is a shy but kind boy who is very knowledgeable about heroes and has a dream of being a hero just like his idol, All Might. Although one of the 20% of the population born with no superpowers, until he meets his idol hero while trying to save Katsuki from a crime, Izuku is chosen by All Might to become becomes the ninth heir to One For All a power-boosting ability passed down through generations, with existence kept secret from the public to prevent chaos. After training his body to receive One For All (he was credited as “super powerful” thanks to a flaw in U.A’s registration system to keep One For All a secret). He has managed to use One For All more and more perfectly. He also began to develop a mental connection with former One For All users through his powers. Izuku compensates for One For All’s limitations with his intellect (he has written at least 13 volumes based on other heroes, including his friends) and an instinct to save lives. At first he hated the name Deku, but after hearing Ochako say that his nickname sounds a lot like dekiru, Izuku finally chose it as the meaning of this nickname and took it as his hero’s name.

  • Full name: Midoriya Izuku

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Deku

    Date of birth: July 15th

    Age: 16 

    Height: 166cm 

    Blood group: O

    Hair color: Green

    Eye color: Green

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Shizuoka

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Long-range combat


    • Midoriya Inko (Mother)
    • Midoriya Hisashi (Dad)
asui tsuyu My Hero Academia


(Tsuyu Asui)

  • Tsuyu Asui – A female student of class 1-A. Her power is the Frog. she has a frog-like appearance and ability like swimming, tongue can extend 20 meters, cling to and climbing walls upright, jumping long distances, naturally camouflage, and producing venom. She has a special, intelligent, profound personality and is willing to protect innocent people. She is very intelligent, being the first in her class to notice the similarities between Izuku and All Might’s abilities, which briefly worried Izuku. On the other hand, she is very honest, she always speaks her mind, no matter how painful it may be.

  • Full name: Tsuyu Asui

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: February 12th

    Age: 16

    Height: 150cm 

    Blood group: B

    Hair color: Dark green

    Eye color: Black

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Aichi Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Support combat


    • Ganma Asui (Father)
    • Beru Asui (Mother)
    • Samidare Asui (Younger brother)
    • Satsuki Asui (Younger sister)


    • Become a Pro Hero

How did Izuku x Tsuyu meet in My Hero Academia?

Tsuyu has maintained and formed relationships with her classmates, … In their first meeting, she had noticed the similarities of his powers and All … In U.A. Sports Festival Arc, Tsuyu went to see how Izuku was doing after his battle with Shoto.

Tsuyu respects and admires Izuku for his heroic deeds, as well as his victory over Katsuki. She becomes friendly with Izuku, asking him to call her by her name, which is something he often forgets or is too shy and polite to do, so she corrected him. Sometimes he remembers and forces himself to call her by name to make her happy. She and Izuku are best friends. Tsuyu even noticed the similarities between Izuku’s and All Might’s powers, which worried him so he had to give her a vague answer.

What is the Izuku x Tsuyu relationship in My Hero Academia?

Tsuyu has a good relationship with her family, especially with her younger siblings, Samidare and Satsuki. Due to their parents, Ganma and Beru, often work away from home, Tsuyu was the one who takes care of them by herself, doing things such as making them dinner.

Why does Tsuyu want to be called Tsu in My Hero Academia?

For the most part, it’s just a nickname. Like people who prefer to be called Jack instead of John. … They (very rightly) don’t assume their audience automatically understands honorifics, so they convert the familial ‘Tsuyu-chan’ into what we use as a familial term, a nickname, in this case, ‘Tsu’.

Why was Tsuyu crying in My Hero Academia?

In U.A. Sports Festival Arc, Tsuyu went to see how Izuku was doing after his battle with Shoto. … When Tsuyu broke down crying after apologizing to everyone for questioning the plan to rescue Katsuki, Izuku felt bad for putting her through the pain and they reconciled.

Why is Tsuyu Asui so popular in My Hero Academia?

She became popular because the chapter where her, deku, and mineta team up was when the series’ popularity was blowing up online and a lot of people liked her then. There’s also the monster girl fetish that people have as well, or they just find her cute based on her antics or whatnot.

Who is Midoriya’s love interest in My Hero Academia?

Bakugou – Midoriya obviously admires Bakugou, despite the years of bullying and humiliation. He sees Bakugou as something he aspires to be. While at first, their relationship was very intense and violent, over time, they grew far closer, becoming rivals with mutual respect for one another.

Why does DEKU call Tsuyu Asui in My Hero Academia?

Tsuyu respects Izuku for his heroic actions as well as his victory against Katsuki. … While Izuku seems to call her “Asui” more often than not, due to his polite personality, he has called her Tsuyu on occasion, and has shown concern for her, meaning he views Tsuyu in the same light.

Who kills endeavor in My Hero Academia?

So yes, the man who worked so hard to create “Endeavor” is dead and gone thanks to Dabi. However, the surprise arrival of Enji’s wife Rei at the end of the chapter hints that Enji Todoroki may soon become a new sort of man and hero for the times. My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime.