Midoriya vs Bakugou

The My Hero Academia couples a childhood friend relationship!

Midoriya vs Bakugou are two major characters in My Hero Academia, which is one of the most popular shounen anime. But if you really want to know who will win between Midoriya vs Bakugou in a fight, you need to know everything about these two characters. Of course, you can’t really tell before you have seen every episode of the anime. But if you have seen all the episodes, then you should read this blog post.

izuku midoriya my Hero Academia


(Midoriya Izuku)

Izuku is a shy but kind boy who is very knowledgeable about heroes and has a dream of being a hero just like his idol, All Might. Although one of the 20% of the population born with no superpowers, until he meets his idol hero while trying to save Katsuki from a crime, Izuku is chosen by All Might to become becomes the ninth heir to One For All a power-boosting ability passed down through generations, with existence kept secret from the public to prevent chaos. After training his body to receive One For All (he was credited as “super powerful” thanks to a flaw in U.A’s registration system to keep One For All a secret). He has managed to use One For All more and more perfectly. He also began to develop a mental connection with former One For All users through his powers. Izuku compensates for One For All’s limitations with his intellect (he has written at least 13 volumes based on other heroes, including his friends) and an instinct to save lives. At first he hated the name Deku, but after hearing Ochako say that his nickname sounds a lot like dekiru, Izuku finally chose it as the meaning of this nickname and took it as his hero’s name.

  • Full name: Midoriya Izuku

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Deku

    Date of birth: July 15th

    Age: 16 

    Height: 166cm 

    Blood group: O

    Hair color: Green

    Eye color: Green

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Shizuoka

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Long-range combat


    • Midoriya Inko (Mother)
    • Midoriya Hisashi (Dad)
bakugo katsuki My Hero Academia


(Bakugou Katsuki)

  • Katsuki is Izuku’s childhood friend and also in the same class as Izuku in class 1-A, U.A Academy, whom Izuku calls Kacchan. He possesses Blasting powers, his sweat has properties similar to nitroglycerin and he can detonate them at will. Due to having a strong superpower since childhood, Katsuki becomes a violent and extremely arrogant child, often bullying Izuku for always feeling that Izuku despises her. Despite being commented on by many that he acts like a criminal, Katsuki has always had a desire to become a hero as strong as All Might. Katsuki is very intelligent and talented, he has always been praised by many professional heroes for his skills and abilities, even considered by many to be a natural genius. Katsuki is desperate to win because he admires All Might’s winning stance whenever he defeats criminals. Because of that, he always set his goal of winning and becoming number one, his desire to win so great that he went against the Criminal League himself when they were taken by them to recruit him. . Later, upon realizing that Izuku was progressively improving, he correctly deduced the existence of One For All and promised to keep it a secret. Katsuki eventually opened up to Izuku and declared that she would surpass him.

  • Full name: Bakugou Katsuki

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Kacchan

    Date of birth: April 20th

    Age: 16

    Height: 172cm 

    Blood group: A

    Hair color: Ash blond

    Eye color: Red

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Near Shizuoka Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan


    • Masaru Bakugou (Father)
    • Mitsuki Bakugou (Mother)


    • To surpass All Might, and become the No. 1 top ranked Pro Hero
    • Surpass Izuku, and rise higher than him
    • Defeat the League of Villians (all ongoing)

How did Midoriya vs Bakugou meet in My Hero Academia?

Midoriya vs Bakugou have known each other since childhood, and it is said many times throughout the series that they are childhood friends. Due to a series of erroneous cases, their relationship deteriorates and becomes strained after many complications from their childhood, including Katsuki pushing Izuku away out of fear of Izuku’s soul. Gradually, however, their friendship is mending as the two mature and try to solve their problems – Katsuki even started indirectly encouraging Izuku to become stronger in recent chapters. . Despite their problems, Izuku continues to admire Katsuki for countless things, especially his strength and ability as a hero, saying that Katsuki is his true “image of victory”. .


Rooted in childhood, the couple used nicknames for each other, although mostly defying half of Katsuki. Despite his negativity towards Izuku, Katsuki allowed Izuku to call him by the nickname “Kacchan”, without objecting. The suffix “-chan” is considered to be very adorable and feminine, as it is mainly used to refer to children, close friends or people with cute looks, which clearly contradict blunt and expressive nature by Katsuki. As is clearly shown throughout the series, especially considering Izuku, if Katsuki has a problem with something or someone then he will be the first to comment on it; making it no problem with Izuku using the nickname. One theory is that the nickname is one of the little pieces of this couple still-intact childhood, and so Katsuki keeps it up without raising an argument. Another example where “Kacchan” was used by Kaminari in chapter 163, seems to be a teasing; which Katsuki is completely disinterested in and leaves the room to sleep. Horikoshi, the author of the series, occasionally calls Katsuki a nickname as seen in his sketches, but doesn’t reveal much about its origins or history.

What is the Midoriya vs Bakugou relationship in My Hero Academia?

Midoriya vs Bakugou have known each other since early childhood, but their relationship appears to have deteriorated over the years. Ever since he fails to develop a Quirk as a child while Katsuki does, he has seen Izuku as weak and bullies him, giving him the derogatory nickname “Deku”, which steams from “Dekunobou” or “someone who can’t do anything” which he always calls him

Does Bakugo get along with DEKU in My Hero Academia?

Yes. In the current point of the story Bakugo has become a lot less abusive and has come to accept Deku as an equal, and it is now very easy to say that they are true friends. If Bakugou still allows Midoriya to call him ‘kacchan’ it means there still is some friendship between them.

Who is Bakugou’s best friend in My Hero Academia?

Kirishima – Pretty early in the series, Kirishima called Bakugou manly (during the USJ Incident and before Sports Festival). This part is debatable on how much Bakugou tolerates Kirishima exactly but I can say for sure, Kirishima is the closest person Bakugou have as a normal friend.

Does Midoriya have a crush on Bakugou in My Hero Academia?

No. Midoriya obviously admires Bakugo, despite the years of bullying and humiliation. He sees Bakugou as something he aspires to be. While at first, their relationship was very intense and violent, over time, they grew far closer, becoming rivals with mutual respect for one another.

Does Bakugo get nicer in My Hero Academia?

Bakugo is much more complex than the average anime rival and also quite the opposite. The anime rival archetype is more on the quiet and snarky side, not on the loud and direct side. He’s never exactly nice but he seems to become more considerate. He’s nice in his own way, lets say.

Was Bakugou bullied in My Hero Academia?

Yes, he had redeeming qualities that were starting to show, but he was still habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others. Midoriya was still vulnerable to Bakugou’s bullying because of unresolved trauma. … If Bakugou was forced to face the consequences of his actions, he’d be able to become a better hero.