Armin x Annie 

The Attack on Titan couple a romantic relationship!

Two of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan are Armin x Annie. Both of them are prominent characters from the 104th Trainees Squad. This article will give a brief introduction to Armin x Annie, including their background story and personality.

Armin Attack


(Armin Arlert)

Armin Arlert is one of the two main protagonists of the Attack on Titan, alongside Mikasa Ackerman. He was the leader of the 15th Division and currently the Scout Army, appointed by Hange Zoë before she was born. He is also a childhood relative of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Despite being the weakest athlete in training 104, Armin’s intelligence and combos are almost invaluable, especially when paired with Hange.

  • Full name: Armin Arlert

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: November 3rd

    Age: 15

    Height: 163cm 

    Weight: 55kg 

    Occupation: Soldier

    Former rank: Officer

    Home Town: Shiganshina District 

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Grad rank: Outside the top 10

    Grade: A+


    • Unnamed grandfather
    • Unnamed father 
    • Unnamed mother
Annie Attack on Titan


(Annie Leonhart)

  • Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104 training course and a former member of the Military Police Department. Her skills in sword wielding and head-to-head dueling helped Annie rank 4th out of the 10 best of the course, but she is also seen as a poison that always has a hard time collaborating with. others . She possesses the power of the Titan Female Figure. Trained from a young age by her father, Annie was chosen to become the Marley Warrior.
  • Full name: Annie Leonhart

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: March 22nd

    Age: 16 

    Height: 153cm

    Weight: 54kg

    Occupation: Warrior

    Former rank: Warrior Candidate

    Residence: Wall Sheena

    Grad rank: 4th

    Grade: A


    • Mr. Leonhart (adoptive father)

How did Armin x Annie meet in Attack on Titan?

Annie x Armin are the same throughout the episode trying to support Jean as he tries to win matches with Sasha.

What is the Armin x Annie relationship in Attack on Titan?

Armin’s feelings for Annie are more subtle in Season 1, but maybe Armin had feelings for Annie before she revealed herself to be the Female Titan. Armin endangered Eren and the rest of his comrades by ignoring all the evidence in front of him and refusing to confess to the Survey Corps for a month that Annie was likely the Female Titan. There’s also a difference between the pain and guilt he felt after trying to capture Annie versus Reiner and Bertholdt, whom he reported shortly after realizing the subtle hints.

Armin x Annie is recognized as one of the most famous het ships in the series. They are Allies/Comrades, Mutual Feelings

Did Annie have a crush on Armin in Attack on Titan?

Not yes, Her mind bounces between how she feels for him. She knows that if she would have just killed him she wouldn’t be in the position she was placed in. Annie’s feelings towards Armin never changed after their last confrontation. Annie could never hate Armin and Armin doesn’t hate her either.

Does Armin have a love interest in Attack on Titan?

Ohh. Yes, Armin has a crush on Annie, while Eren is highly implied to be in love with Mikasa. Also, Eren’s relationship with Armin never had any apparent romantic undertones from either side. Second, the story portrays them as ideological opponents and they have a massive breakdown in their friendship.

Why did Armin visit Annie in Attack on Titan?

Armin secretly meets up with Annie to ask for her help as he informs her of his plan to escape and hide Eren till they gather enough evidence to overrule the council’s ruling on him.

Why did Annie not kill Armin in Attack on Titan?

So, her reasons for not killing Armin may be: Armin was harmless. His vertical maneuvering skills were poor, and even if he were to attack her titan form, she would easily squat him. She does not think of herself as a monster, or even that she is evil, so she has zero motivation for random killing.

Did Annie Leonhart die AOT in Attack on Titan?

Annie is not dead but infact still in the crystal that she went into in the fight with Eren.

Does Armin confess Annie in Attack on Titan?

Love Confession — Armin confesses to Annie that he wanted to see her. … He later admits to Annie herself that he wants to be near her.

How does Armin know Annie in Attack on Titan?

In episode 23 Attack on Titan when Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are luring Annie to the underground tunnel as a trap but then Annie refuses to enter, Armin reveals his suspicions that Annie is the Female Titan/the spy.

Why does Annie kill humans in Attack on Titan?

Erwin was essentially asking, “Human or Titan?” Annie killed them to prevent the Survey Corps from analyzing Titan anatomy and behavior. … It’s discovered that in the spinal cord remains a synthesized part of a human being. And most importantly that the spinal fluid can be used to turn people into Titans.