Reiner x Bertholdt 

The Attack on Titan couples beautiful friendship relationship!

Reiner x Bertholdt are two of the characters in the anime, Attack on Titan. Reiner x Bertholdt are amongst the most popular characters due to their pivotal role in the series, as well as their charisma and strength.

Reiner Attack on Titan


(Reiner Braun)

Reiner Braun is the Deputy Commander of the Warrior Division and the protagonist of the Great War of Titan through Marley’s point of view. He grew up in the concentration zone Liberio and was an illegitimate game for an Eldia and a Marley. In the end, he was chosen to become one of the warriors Marley as a child.

  • Full name: Reiner Braun

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: August 1st

    Height: 185cm 

    Weight: 95kg 

    Occupation: Warrior

    Former rank: Vice Captain

    Grad rank: 2nd

    Grade: A+


    • Unnamed Marleyan father
    • Karina Braun (mother)
    • Gabi Braun (cousin)
    • Unnamed aunt and
    • Unnamed uncle
    • Unnamed aunt
    • Unnamed cousin
Bertholdt Attack on Titan


(Bertholdt Hoover)

  • Bertholdt Hoover was an Eldia and one of the Marley Warriors. He is from Liberio concentration and possesses the power of the Titan, making him one of the greatest threats to humanity in the city wall. In the year 845, he infiltrated Paradis Island with Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard as part of his campaign to take back the Titan of the Water Father.

  • Full name: Bertholdt Hoover

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Warrior

    Rank: Officer

    Residence: Wall Rose

    Grad rank: 3rd


    • Unnamed father (deceased)

How did Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover meet in Attack on Titan?

During their childhood in Marley, Bertholdt and Reiner trained together to become Marleyan warriors; they soon became friends due to Reiner’s meek personality and Bertholdt’s friendliness.

What is the Reiner x Bertholdt relationship in Attack on Titan?

Reiner x Bertholdt share two common goals: Go home and bring glory to the Marley Seniors. They are best friends.

What is Reiner and Bertholdt goal in Attack on Titan?

They befriended Marcel and Annie Leonhart whom they were later assigned a mission with to destroy the Subjects of Ymir living within the walls and recapture the Founding TitanReiner and Bertholdt share two common goals: To return home and to bring glory to the shunned Eldians back in Marley.

What do Reiner and Bertholdt want in Attack on Titan?

Reiner x Bertholdt all had personal goals as well, Marcel wanted to save his family, reiner wanted to live the rest of his life in luxury as a honorary marleyan, annie was doing everything for her father and Bertholdt was becoming a warrior so his father could get good medication.

Why does Reiner wipe out humanity in Attack on Titan?

A hundred years later he gave up on preserving the humans and decided that the world behind the walls had no future.

Is Reiner an Eldian in Attack on Titan?

Not yes, He was born to an Eldian mother, Karina Braun and a Marleyan father.

Was Bertholdt evil in Attack on Titan?

No, he wasn’t

Why is Reiner evil Bertholdt in Attack on Titan?

Bertholdt x Reiner are part of a group of people called the Marleyans. The Marleyans were being oppressed by another group of people called the Eldians. As a result, Bertholdt and Reiner develop a hatred toward the Marlayans. Think of it like how the Americans viewed all Japanese and Germans during World War Two.

Why does Reiner and Bertholdt want Eren in Attack on Titan?

Since Reiner, Bertolt and Annie’s mission was to retrieve the Founding titan, they keep attacking Eren. Also stealing the Attack Titan from Eren would also benefit them. They plan to take Eren to a nation called Marley, located outside wall Maria beyond the ocean. Those three serve Marley.