Bokuto and Akaashi

The Haikyuu couples adorable and hilarious relationship!!

Bokuto is an idiot, but he’s a very lovable idiot. He has a lot of heart and he tries his best, even though he is succeed. Akaashi is very blunt, but he’s also very smart. Do you know Bokuto and Akaashi are a couple in Haikyuu? If so, you’re probably a hardcore Haikyuu fan. But why do Bokuto and Akaashi want to be a couple? Do you know they are the cutest couple in Haikyuu?

Bokuto Haikyuu

(Bokuto Kōtarō)

Bokuto Kōtarō – 3rd year student. He holds the position of (Wing Spiker), Ace and is the captain of the team. He is one of Japan’s top 5 Ace and only controlled in the top 3. Bokuto is very passionate and enthusiastic about volleyball. He is referred to as a teammate as “the first simple” and is easily delighted by his successful smashes and compliments from others, especially Akaashi. Disapproving of his young manners, Bokuto is very dangerous to the ball and is known to even players from other regions for his great talent and in-match performance. Especially famous for his smashes and vertical margins, making it difficult for the opposing team to catch the ball. However, Bokuto has a very erratic mood that the members call “solstice mode”, when even the smallest things can change the boy’s mood and thereby affect his play.

  • Full name: Bokuto Kōtarō

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: September 20, 1994

    Age: 18 (2012)

    Height: 185.3cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 78.3kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (3nd Year, class 1) – 2012

    Home Town:  Tokyo

    Home Country: Japan


    • Yakiniku (Barbequed meat)
    • Volleyball


    • Two Unnamed Older Sisters
Akaashi Haikyuu

(Akaashi Keiji)

  • Akaashi Keiji – 2nd year student. He is the captain and holds the position of second pass (Setter) of the team. He is a smart, analytical minded player, often mulling a variety of situations and results before deciding to do anything. He is polite and composed, often seen with an expressionless or slightly tense face, usually due to Bokuto’s impending mood swings. Akaashi is very patient with Bokuto, and is a leader of the team in dealing with his erratic mood.
  • Full name: Akaashi Keiji

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: December 5, 1995

    Age: 17 (2012)

    Height: 182.3cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 70.7kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (2nd Year, class 6) – 2012

    Home Town: Miyagi Prefecture

    Home Country: Japan


    • Nanohana no Karashiae

How did Bokuto and Akaashi meet in Haikyuu Anime?

Bokuto Kōtarō is in his 3rd year while Akaashi Keiji is in his 2nd year at Fukurodani Academy, both of which join the soccer club. Both have many elements that make them a strong match: Bokuto is the captain and Akaashi is the lieutenant; Bokuto is the ace / spearhead and Akaashi is the set and their shirt number, Bokuto’s number 4 and Akaashi’s number 5. The two have a close friendship that disapproves of opposing ways: Bokuto is blatant, childish and arrogant while Akaashi is more reserved, witty, blunt, and mature.

What is Bokuto and Akaashi couple relationship?

Throughout the series, Bokuto and Akaashi are mostly seen together, especially during practice. Starting with a relationship of friends, Bokuto and Akaashi played together and then they fell in love. That’s a couple gays ship. They are teammates and best friends.

What happens to Bokuto and Akaashi in Haikyuu Anime?

Bokuto and Akaashi are teammates. In the final move, Akaashi tosses to Bokuto who spikes past Tsukishima and wins the game for his team.

Are Akaashi and Bokuto childhood friends in Haikyuu Anime?

Yes. Bokuto and Akaashi were childhood friends.

Did Bokuto call Akaashi his world in Haikyuu Anime?

ohhh,Yes. In the msby black jackals vs alders match bokuto said “cmon world cheer me on!”

Are Bokuto and Akaashi married haikyuu?

Yes, As 30 year-old husbands, Akaashi and Bokuto turn a setback into a step forward. Like everything, they take it together.

Are Akaashi and Bokuto in the same year in Haikyuu Anime?

No. Akaashi is 1 year younger than Bokuto.