Fushiguro and Kugisaki 

The Jujutsu Kaisen couples friend to work at a relationships!

Fushiguro and Kugisaki are two friends who study jujutsu together. Kugisaki is a serious and diligent student. Fushiguro is the class clown, but also a brilliant student who has an uncanny talent for mastering techniques quickly. Want to know more about Fushiguro and Kugisaki? Check it out the following information and discover their secrets!

Fushiguro Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen


(Megumi Fushiguro)


Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with pale green eyes (depicted as blue in the anime adaptation), and spiky dark blue hair. He wears the standard Jujutsu Tech uniform consisting of a high-collared long-sleeved shirt (with a gold button with a swirl that all Jujutsu Tech uniforms have), paired with pants and eye-high shoes. ankle. Despite his stoic and calculating outward appearance, Megumi desires to help protect those he considers good or kind. He believes that the world is not fair and that witchcraft is a tool to ensure that kind people have more opportunities to live.

  • Full name: Megumi Fushiguro

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: December 22th

    Age: 15

    Height: 175cm

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Green (Manga) – Dark Blue

    Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer – Student

    Grade: 2


    • Tsumiki Fushiguro (Step-Sister)
    • Unnamed Step Mother
    • Zenin Family
    • Toji Fushiguro (Father)
    • Maki Zenin (Second Aunt)
    • Mai Zenin (Second Aunt)
    • Naoya Zenin (Second Uncle)
    • Ogi Zenin (Grand Uncle)
    • Naobito Zenin (Grand Uncle)
Nobara Jujutsu Kaisen


(Nobara Kugisaki)

  • Nobara is a short girl with orange eyes and orange (dyed) hair. Nobara’s school uniform includes a black buttoned jacket, a long black skirt, black socks, and black shoes. She also wears a light colored belt to hold the straw hammer, nails, and doll. Nobara Kugisaki is a bold and confident woman with a strong belief in being “real” with herself, and has an inexorable personality. She takes pride in her looks, is very offensive to anyone who offends her and or plans to hit her in the face. Nobara Kugisaki – A strong, independent and skilled woman, she was educated in the arts of the samurai. On the death of her father, she took over the running of his dojo, and trained a number of prominent martial artists of the time. 

  • Full name: Nobara Kugisaki

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: August 7th

    Age: 15

    Height: 160cm 

    Hair color: Orange

    Eye color: Orange

    Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer – Student

    Grade: 3

How did Fushiguro and Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Nobara and Megumi are often seen together, as both are 1st years. People often see Nobara teasing Megumi – pinching his cheeks, clinging to him playfully, scolding or making jokes – showing their close friendship. The two may also react similarly (often reacting to Itadori’s trolls or clumsiness) in different situations as if they share the same “wavelength” or understanding.

What is the Fushiguro and Kugisaki relationship Jujutsu Kaisen?

Although Fushiguro and Kugisaki often gossip together, the two also seem to be on good terms in critical situations, such as resisting the curse, and being able to complete quests together. Fushiguro and Kugisaki are friends and classmates.

What is Fushiguro true power in Jujutsu Kaisen?

As the technique’s name suggests, the user can control and communicate with up to ten Shikigami, each having their unique qualities. He summons Divine Dogs that can track and devour curses, an owl-like Shikigami that can fly, serpents, toads, elephants, and rabbits.

Why is Megumi special Jujutsu Kaisen?

And here lies the reason for Sukuna’s interest in Megumi. Megumi’s cursed technique is the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Clan that allows him to manifest up to 10 Shikigami, each with their own unique abilities.

Does Megumi die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Death. Megumi’s death differs in the anime, original novel and manga. … Megumi is still alive and still proceeds to squirm until she got staked by Hirosawa and two other villagers in the heart and died. She was later transported to a pile with the other dead shiki where they burned in fire together with the whole village …

Does Nobara die jujutsu?

Not yes. This very well seems like Nobara has truly died, and Megumi just could not bring himself to say it out loud. But this is also not a concrete confirmation of her death. As fans of manga know by this point, it’s not official until it’s made to be official and someone outright confirms that a character has died.

Who does Nobara like in jujutsu Kaisen?

After Yuji leaves, Yuko comes up to Nobara and asks if she was with Yuji earlier. The two then head to a restaurant, where Yuko explains to Nobara how she likes Yuji.

Will Nobara survive in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yes. After Nitta heals Nobara and Itadori, she tells that Nobara does not have any pulse and she isn’t breathing. There are, but, only few chances that she may survive.