Midoriya x All Might 

The My Hero Academia couples mentor good relationship!

It’s easy to understand why Midoriya x All Might are the most popular ship in My Hero Academia. Their relationship is unique, complicated, and inspiring. I hope this blog can help you learn more about Midoriya x All Might.

izuku midoriya my Hero Academia


(Midoriya Izuku)

Izuku is a shy but kind boy who is very knowledgeable about heroes and has a dream of being a hero just like his idol, All Might. Although one of the 20% of the population born with no superpowers, until he meets his idol hero while trying to save Katsuki from a crime, Izuku is chosen by All Might to become becomes the ninth heir to One For All a power-boosting ability passed down through generations, with existence kept secret from the public to prevent chaos. After training his body to receive One For All (he was credited as “super powerful” thanks to a flaw in U.A’s registration system to keep One For All a secret). He has managed to use One For All more and more perfectly. He also began to develop a mental connection with former One For All users through his powers. Izuku compensates for One For All’s limitations with his intellect (he has written at least 13 volumes based on other heroes, including his friends) and an instinct to save lives. At first he hated the name Deku, but after hearing Ochako say that his nickname sounds a lot like dekiru, Izuku finally chose it as the meaning of this nickname and took it as his hero’s name.

  • Full name: Midoriya Izuku

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Deku

    Date of birth: July 15th

    Age: 16 

    Height: 166cm 

    Blood group: O

    Hair color: Green

    Eye color: Green

    Occupation: UA Students

    Home Town: Shizuoka

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Long-range combat


    • Midoriya Inko (Mother)
    • Midoriya Hisashi (Dad)
all might My Hero Academia


(Toshinori Yagi)

  • A Is the greatest hero in the world and is considered the Symbol of Peace and Izuku’s advisor. Born as incompetent like Izuku, he inherited the One For All powers from his master, Shimura Nana while studying at U.A. He was trained by Gran Torino before going abroad to study abroad to temporarily stay away from All For One’s control after the criminal killed his master. Toshinori can use One For All to transform into a muscular form that looks like an American comic superhero. Toshinori named himself All Might, a secret of his powers known only to a handful of people, including Headmaster Nezu, U.A’s Recovery Girl nurse and several professional heroes. Five years before the start of the series, All Might defeated All For One in a battle, but he suffered a severe wound, devastating his body to the extent of his limited time using One For All. He was down to three hours. This forced All Might to find a worthy successor while joining U.A as a teacher, he chose Izuku when he saw his courage and passed on to him One For All. Eventually, when his use of One For All was reduced to a few seconds, Toshinori retired to focus entirely on teaching while continuing to teach Izuku.

  • Full name: Toshinori Yagi

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: June 10th

    Age: 51

    Height: 220cm 


    • 274kg (before)
    • 255kg (Muscle form)
    • 72kg (True form)

    Blood group: A

    Hair color: Blond

    Eye color: Light blue

    Occupation: Pro Hero (Formerly) – Teacher

    Home Town: Tokyo

    Home Country: Japan

    Fighting style: 

    • Melee combat
    • Long-ranged combat


    • Find a Worthy Successor for the One For All Quirk (succeeded)
    • Prepare Young Midoriya to inherit One For All at 100% to face off against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, and to become the Next Symbol of Peace (ongoing)

How did Midoriya x All Might meet in My Hero Academia?

As a child, and even now, Izuku has always admired All Might and wanted to be a hero just like him. During their first meeting, All Might saved Izuku from the Mud Villain and signed a happy Izuku’s notebook. However, Izuku was shocked at All Might’s true form and dismayed when the latter said that he was powerless to have no chance of being a hero. Despite this, Izuku still earned All Might’s respect after he ran towards the slime monster in an attempt to save Katsuki Bakugo, and a teacher-student relationship flourished between the two when All Might chose him. to be the successor. Although All Might’s training with Izuku was difficult, He continued to devote himself to achieving his dream in the future. Midoriya x All Might become closer as All Might listens to his training determination and does more than he has to be a great hero, impressing the hero.

What is the Midoriya x All Might relationship in My Hero Academia?

All Might — Midoriya x All Might grow closer as All Might listens to his resolve of training and doing more than he has to become a great hero, impressing the hero. All Might is Izuku’s confidante, mentor, and friend in and out of school, and Midoriya x All Might share a mutual respect for each other’s heroism ideals.

Does all might die in My Hero Academia?


Does All Might Die? All Might is alive in both the anime and the manga as it stands. Currently, he’s used up the last of his Quirk One For All thanks to his last battle with All For One. The power exists solely in the hands of Deku, though he’s occasionally switched back into that form as a brief joke.

Who is all Might’s secret love child in My Hero Academia?

Midoriya Izuku, a student at UA in the Hero course.

What is bubble girl quirk in My Hero Academia?

Quirk. Bubble Kaoruko’s Quirk allows her to produce bubbles filled with any aroma that she has smelled at least once before. She can make both sweet-smelling bubbles and foul-smelling ones.

Who is all Might’s brother in My Hero Academia?

The first user of One For All. He was the younger brother of the powerful Villain, All For One. He was initially believed to not have a Quirk, but in reality, he had a Quirk with no other power than that it could be transferred to another person.

What is DEKU’s real quirk in My Hero Academia?

His quirk was he was allowed to produce a piercing hot fire breath from his mouth. He was given an opportunity to work overseas and he left while Izuku was just a baby. His status has been unknown since then.

Who kills all might in My Hero Academia?

Tomura Shigaraki – All Might will be killed by Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All For One. This will also fit in with Sir Nighteye’s prediction that All Might will die a tragic and horrible death at the hands of a villain. Shigaraki has received all For One’s powers and become the most feared and strongest villain in the series.

Can Eri heal all might in My Hero Academia?

Can Eri save All Might? (SPOILER ALERT!) She could probably heal All Might’s body, but not the quirk. … So she can reverse all might to a point before his first battle with One For All where he’s at his strongest.