Kuroo and Bokuto 

The Haikyuu couples friendship relationship!

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Kuroo Haikyuu

(Tetsurō Kuroo)

Tetsurō Kuroo – 3rd year student. He is the captain and holds the midfield position (Middle Blocker). He is a childhood friend of Kozume Kenma. To his teammates, Kuroo is a strong and reliable captain, often responsible for boosting team members’ morale whenever they feel demoralized with sly taunts. He always finds pleasure in dealing with strong opponents. Kuroo is an extremely intuitive and observant person when it comes to volleyball. He can quickly perceive and analyze every batter’s movement, allowing him to successfully hit a ball and destroy the opposing team’s fighting momentum.

  • Full name: Tetsurō Kuroo

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: November 17, 1994

    Age: 17 (2012)

    Height: 187.7cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 75.3kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (3rd Year, Class 5) – 2012

    Home Town: Tokyo

    Home Country Japan


    • Volleyball 
    • Grilled Salted Mackerel Pike 
    • Mikasa volleyballs 
    • Girls with long hair 
    • Going to the beach during the summer 
    • Dogs


    • Unnamed father
    • Mentioned grandparents 
    • Unnamed Older Sister


    • Make the Battle at the Trash Heap happen
Bokuto Haikyuu

(Bokuto Kōtarō)

  • Bokuto Kōtarō – 3rd year student. He holds the position of (Wing Spiker), Ace and is the captain of the team. He is one of Japan’s top 5 Ace and only controlled in the top 3. Bokuto is very passionate and enthusiastic about volleyball. He is referred to as a teammate as “the first simple” and is easily delighted by his successful smashes and compliments from others, especially Akaashi. Disapproving of his young manners, Bokuto is very dangerous to the ball and is known to even players from other regions for his great talent and in-match performance. Especially famous for his smashes and vertical margins, making it difficult for the opposing team to catch the ball. However, Bokuto has a very erratic mood that the members call “solstice mode”, when even the smallest things can change the boy’s mood and thereby affect his play.

  • Full name: Bokuto Kōtarō

    Gender: Male

    Date of birth: September 20, 1994

    Age: 18 (2012)

    Height: 185.3cm (Apr 2012)

    Weight: 78.3kg (Apr 2012)

    Occupation: High School Student (3nd Year, class 1) – 2012

    Home Town:  Tokyo

    Home Country: Japan


    • Yakiniku (Barbequed meat)
    • Volleyball


    • Two Unnamed Older Sisters

How did Kuroo and Bokuto meet in Haikyuu Anime?

Kuroo and Bokuto first met the two during training in Tokyo, in the 3rd Gym, when the two tried to invite Tsukishima with them.

What is the Kuroo and Bokuto couple relationship in Haikyuu Anime?

Kuroo and Bokuto Both characters are 3rd year and also captain of their team. Kuroo and Bokuto are friends and rivals

Are Kuroo and Bokuto on the same team in Haikyuu Anime?

Yes. Kuroo and Bokuto are on the same team in university.

Are Bokuto and Kuroo best friends in Haikyuu Anime?

Yes, they seem to be close friends.

Does Bokuto have 2 sisters in Haikyuu Anime?

Yes, he does.

Why does Kuroo have rooster hair in Haikyuu Anime?

Because of sleeping on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair

Who is Kuroo dating in Haikyuu Anime?

Kuroo isn’t engaged to anyone.